A gorgeous bracelet and bang on trend grey mix of natural Jasper gemstones.

Made with large sterling silver oval beads abundance a large open funky heart sterling silver charm.

If you want these beads but with a different charm (or without a charm) just drop me a message.

Traditionally it is used to bring serenity and unity. They say this type of Jasper is a supreme protector. It reminds us to help each other. Placed under the pillow, it helps us remember our dreams. It helps to make quick decisions and allows us to put thoughts into action. Indispensable on a desk, it can help one to focus.

Grey Jasper helps ease muscle cramps, especially in the legs. It fights insomnia and relieves back problems. would c problems related to it.

Grey Jasper Natural Gem & Sterling Silver Bracelet with Funky Open Heart Charm